Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I’m on vacay at the beach. Therefore, I cleverly suggested that our traveling companion, Mouse, write a guest blog for me. However, no such blogs have been forthcoming.

Thus, I am now returning to my blog so as not to disappoint my faithful audience who have probably been wondering how I’m enjoying my vacation thus far.

I think I can sum it up as follows: Let sleeping dogs lie.

Let them lie in the sun. Let them lie on the couch. Let them lie on a pillow on a chair. Let them lie by the pool. Let then lie in bed until late in the morning. Is that not the very definition of vacation?

Meanwhile, John keeps cooking wonderful shrimp dishes. I stand nearby, wag my tale and stare longingly. So far, my patience and perseverance have proven worthwhile.

And despite the forecasts for rain, we’ve had none. Clouds, but no rain. And too many to see the sunset last night, but it’s still terrific to sit by the water and watch for it anyway.  It’s just gorgeous.

All is well.

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